Causes of cataracts in children

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I want to challenge you to come out of the thinking that children cannot undergo cataract surgery. It remains theory up to date that children are free from contracting cataracts. I am saying this to show you that children also should be careful and do the needful if they don’t want to undergo cataract eye surgery.

In Sydney today, there are countless kids between the ages of 1 and 13 suffering from cataracts. In fact, some of them has gone for surgery, but the ailment persists because children cannot direct themselves. That is why parents are advised to take proper care of their children. One thing about children is that children are fond of doing things they enjoy and it doesn’t matter to them if they can be injured with that thing. if you want to know more about cataract surgery visit

Furthermore, research shows that close to 45% of children in India have done cataract surgery. No one knew this before, but the fact came out during the pandemic when everyone had to stay at home. That is when children began to complain about their eyes. 

The essence of this write-up is to highlight and explain the causes of cataracts in children to prevent them from doing cataract surgery. When you hear cataract surgery for kids, what comes to your mind? You might be thinking kids can’t do cataract surgery. Trust me, that is not what you need as a parent. As a parent, all you need to do is know the causes of cataracts in children and look for a way to train your kids not to be affected.

I used to tell parents close to me that this was not the time for them to start reading books about cataracts. The reason is that books that were written a few years back on cataracts show that children can contact cataracts, but they can’t undergo cataract surgery because they are too small for that process. Before you plan to visit your doctor for cataract surgery, you must perform a rapid antigen test at home, click here to learn more about rapid antigen tests.

Today, children are seen in the theatre room, and they have come for cataract surgery. As a matter of fact, cataract surgery in Sydney has gone wide, and children are not exempted.

Therefore, below here are the causes of cataracts in children;

  1. Exposing of eyes to the sun: Children are playful, and they enjoy most unhealthy things. I have seen kids several times without numbers, looking up to the sun on their way back from school. They were doing it, and all they thought they were doing was that they are catching fun. When your eyes are exposed to UV rays, you will likely contact cataracts. Therefore, parents and wards should make it known to their kids that it is wrong to place their eyes on the sun. If you don’t tell them, they won’t stop. Also, parents can say to them they may likely undergo cataract surgery if they fail to listen to them. One can get them sacred with the word “surgery.”
  2. Eye injury: Parents need to guide and guard their kids not to be injured in their eyes. The cases of cataract surgery in Sydney resulted from an eye injury. Like I said earlier, kids are fond of playing, and when they are playing, they play with all their might and strength. Imagine a kid being injured from school. 

Do you know that kids can start throwing objects at one another, and they might hurt their eyes? We were also used to that when we were still young. Parents often need to walk up to their kid’s schools to inform their teachers to take care of them. Today, parents are too busy to take care of their children in our generation. All they claim they are doing as part of taking care of them is to buy them gifts. The journey doesn’t end there. Make sure your kids protect their eyes from injuries. Do that because the result of an eye injury is a cataract. And you might spend a lot of money doing cataract surgery for kids in Sydney. learn more about dealing with kids eye injuries at

  1. Congenital cataracts: This type of cataract is most common among kids. It is a type of cataract that was inherited. Some kids are born with a cataract. If one of you, as a parent, is battling with a cataract, there’s a tendency for the child you give birth to have a cataract. Research also proves that most children cataracts are congenital. Of course, there are countless kids in the theatre room today that are not up to two years of age. The question is, where can a two years kid get cataracts? They have not been watching television and have not been exposed to things that might cause cataracts. I was scared the day I heard about a three-year-old girl diagnosed with a cataract. Her parents are preparing for cataract surgery. Therefore, I can only advise parents to do the needful by taking such a kid to see the eye doctor before it is too late. One thing about cataracts is that they can lead to total blindness if left untreated.

The main effect of cataracts in children

The only effect of cataracts in children is the inability to read. If there is a cataract in a kid’s eye, the child will find it so hard to read and write. Their vision will become blurry, and this may affect their education. There are brilliant kids today that are lagging behind because of cataracts. When their vision becomes poor, they are forced to give up on school. This is common in India. Countless kids in India have given up on school because they can’t see clearly. They find it so hard to concentrate in class. Therefore, I will advise the parent to rise and do the needful. Let them undergo cataract surgery, and all will be well with them.

Closing thought

The essence of this write-up is to let you know the causes of cataracts in children. Not only that, but this article also focus on doing a miraculous shift in people’s thinking that children cannot undergo cataract surgery. If you heard about that before, please discard it.