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What makes some people unsuitable for Lasik?

You indeed see the same symptoms others are seeing, yet you were not allowed to undergo Lasik. You’ve tried many eye clinics to see if you will come across a different story. But all your plans were abortive. With what you’ve experienced, many unanswered questions are going through your mind. I know the most common question is why you’re not eligible to undergo this procedure? You’ve landed in the right place.

This write-up aims at providing adequate information on what makes some people unsuitable for Lasik. To be candid, not everyone can undergo this process. However, some factors caused it. So, I’ll reveal those factors that can make someone not fit to undergo Lasik. But before I jump to the details, I want us to look at what Lasik surgery entails. 

 What is Lasik Eye surgery?

The Laser is used to reshape or correct the corneal tissue underneath the flap. The flap will be lifted to ensure the corneal tissue underneath is corrected without any complications in this procedure. Do you know why this is done? This procedure is done to ensure the light focus better on the retina. So, if this process is handled carefully, the cornea flap can be fully restored to its normal state.

One beautiful thing about this process is that it remains the best method of solving eye problems like myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. However, one thing is crucial. If you don’t want to undergo this surgery again, make sure you’re connected with the right source. What do I mean by being connected with the right source? Ensure that your Lasik surgeon is competent and reliable.

Why am I unsuitable for Lasik?

The above question is what I want to address here. I’ll be explaining some factors that may contribute to why you’re not permitted to undergo Lasik. I said earlier that the symptoms you’re seeing are the same as those that have undergone the procedure. So, what changes the story when it is your turn? 

  1. Age: Age is a crucial factor to consider. There’s a rule from Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that people below 18 are not allowed to undergo Lasik. So, if you are below 18, you need to wait for the right time to undergo the procedure. Visit to read about Why children should not undergo Lasik surgery.

Hence, if you see the symptoms that require Lasik and you’re below 18, you should know that you’re not eligible to partake in the procedure. Of course, some factors contribute to that which are hidden from people. Therefore, if you enter twelve eye clinics in a day and you’re below 18, none of them will take you through the process. 

  1. Unstable glass power: This process is best done when one eye power is stable for a year. You need to know that this procedure removes or eradicates the eye power as per current eye power. So, if your eye power is unstable, there can be an increase in it in the future. With that said, even if you undergo Lasik, the eye power will increase. Hence, to prevent that, one needs to postpone the surgery. Then, once the eye power is stable, you can now undergo Lasik. Of course, you might not get express information like this from your eye doctor. So, you might feel disappointed if your eye doctor tells you that you’re unsuitable for Lasik eye surgery without explanation. At times, doctors want to protect their job. They might not give you the full details. 
  2. Thin cornea: Another thing that can make you not fit for Lasik is if you have a thin cornea. You must know how this procedure works. In Lasik eye surgery, the service is all about using a laser to change the cornea’s curvature. So, the process will make the cornea thinner by some amount. The amount depends on your eye power. Therefore, if your cornea is thin naturally, you cannot undergo Lasik. It is unsafe for someone with a thin cornea to undergo this procedure. Hence, even if the doctor explains this to you, you might not understand. 
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  1. Abnormal cornea maps: Remember, corneal topography gives us the maps of the cornea. It ensures that there is no underlying sub-clinical corneal abnormality. At times there might be corneal abnormality like Keratoconus. This sub-clinical abnormality can lead to a full-blown disease after Lasik eye surgery. Therefore, if your topography map shows an abnormality, the surgery must be suspended. 
  2. Severe dry eyes: If you have dry eyes, you’re not eligible to undergo Lasik. If you’re battling severe dry eyes and producing a low quality of tears, you’re advised to defer or stay away from Lasik. Of course, you can later undergo the procedure. But that’ll be when the severe dryness has been ruled out. So, don’t be furious if your doctor tells you this. 

You must see from this angle that it is for your good. Let me chip in this that you need to be glad and be happy because you’re in safe hands. Some people lose their sight because they fall into the wrong hand. They met an incompetent surgeon that took them through the procedure with their severe dry eyes. The story they are sharing is not good. So, please don’t force it. Just follow the instructions given to you. You can later go for Lasik. Once your doctor talks about dry eyes as an embargo for you to embark on this journey, please agree with him. 

  1. Diabetes: If you’re battling diabetes, you can’t undergo Lasik surgery. Not only Lasik, I think you cannot undergo any eye surgery if you have diabetes. If you pass through that process, complications that will worsen the whole matter may arise. 

On a final note

Dear reader, hopefully, you’ve seen something profound here. Please kindly share the link to this page with friends and family. The above-listed point is enough for you to agree with your doctor whenever he tells you that you’re unfit for Lasik. Finally, do you have a question regarding this topic? Please drop your question in the comment box.