What kind of doctor performs Lasik Surgery?

There have been a lot of controversies about this topic. Some people lose their sight because they believe all eye specialists can successfully carry out Lasik eye surgery. So, they allowed an optician to take them through the procedure, and the outcome was unpleasant. The different grades of eye gurus can confuse one to knowing the qualification level necessary for a doctor to take someone through Lasik. 

In this article, I’ll be explaining the eye care practitioners who can successfully take you through Lasik eye surgery. But before I jump to the details, I need to talk about what Lasik entails. 

What is Lasik Eye surgery?

The Laser is used to reshape or correct the corneal tissue underneath the flap. The flap will be lifted to ensure the corneal tissue underneath is corrected without any complications in this procedure. Do you know why this is done? This procedure is done to ensure the light focus better on the retina. So, if this process is handled carefully, the cornea flap can be fully restored to its normal state. One beautiful thing about this process is that it remains the best method of solving eye problems like myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. However, one thing is crucial. If you don’t want to undergo this surgery again, make sure you’re connected with the right source. What do I mean by being connected with the right source? Ensure that your Lasik surgeon is competent and reliable.

Three different grades of eye care practitioners

Do you know why I need to explain these three grades of eye care practitioners to you? I believe if you know these three grades of eye care practitioners, you’ll not be confused anytime you need their services. Also, you’ll know the area you need each of them. Are you ready for the ride? Now, let’s ride!

  1. Optician: Who is an optician? Then, if you have any eye problems, can you visit an Optician? These are the things that’ll be clear to you here. An optician is an eye care practitioner trained to use a prescription provided or issued by an optometrist or an Ophthalmologist to plan and fit visual aids such as eyeglasses and lenses. Let me break it down. You can read about What makes some people unsuitable for Lasik? by clicking here.

An optician is someone that works on what an optometrist or Ophthalmologist prescribed. For instance, if an optometrist prescribes contact lenses to you, an Optician has to do the contact lens in alignment with what the Optometrist has prescribed. So, one can say that Opticians deal with eyeglasses or contact lenses. 

  1. Optometrist: Who is an Optometrist? What role does an optometrist play in solving eye problems? Optometrists are eye care practitioners trained to provide primary vision care. They must examine patients to know the condition of their eyes. Also, they are in charge of vision tests, corrective lens prescriptions, and detecting eye conditions. They have something to do about your eye health, but they are not the ones in charge of Lasik. Also, the Optometrists can carry out some strictly defined surgical procedures. They can train people in an optometry academic facility, not a medical school. 
  1. Ophthalmologist: This eye care practitioner is the highest grade of eye care professionals. Before you can call anyone an Ophthalmologist, such a person must have spent nothing less than eight years in medical school. They specialize in carrying out eye surgeries like Lasik eye surgery, and they also conduct scientific research to know the causes and remedies for vision problems. 

Now that you know that it is the work of an Ophthalmologist to take you through Lasik eye surgery, how can you know a competent one? I don’t need to spend much time writing before you’ll agree that not all Ophthalmologists that are out there are competent. It doesn’t matter where you want to get your surgeon from. You can commit an error if you visit an eye clinic physically, and you can also make a huge mistake if you search online. 

How to know a competent Ophthalmologist for your Lasik eye surgery

  1. Check for positive reviews: Before selecting an Ophthalmologist, please focus on what people say about him. If you have an eye clinic around you, ask people about their Ophthalmologists. What people say about the surgeon matters. On the other hand, if you want to choose your Lasik eye surgeon online, please note this. Make sure you visit the surgeon’s website. Check out for positive reviews. You should see at least 90% of positive feedback from people that have used his service. Therefore, I urge you to take some time to check out positive reviews. 
  2. Ask them questions: It is expedient for you to ask your Ophthalmologist some questions to know if he is competent or not. Remember to pay attention to gestures to ensure that you’re in safe hands. Please permit me to list some questions you can ask your Ophthalmologist. 
  • What are your experiences with Lasik?
  • How many surgeries have you done? 
  • How do you know this surgery is going to be successful?
  • What is your educational background? Etc. 
  1. Check the Ophthalmologist’s personality: A surgeon’s personality also has a way of contributing to the success of the surgery. If a surgeon is harsh and has a bad attitude, there’s a tendency that one might fall into error. Someone like that will not be patient enough to answer all your questions, and he may commit a slight error that might cause complications during the procedure. Therefore, Ophthalmologist’s personality also matters. Please don’t overlook it. 

On a final note

Dear reader, I hope you’ve seen something profound here. I explained the three eye care practitioners. Then, I proceed to things to do before choosing an Ophthalmologist for Lasik eye surgery. If yes, please share the link to this page with family and friends that’ll benefit from it. Finally, a question regarding this topic might cross your mind while reading this article. Please feel free to drop your question in the comment box. Also, contributions are highly appreciated.